How to Have a Successful Relationship: Part 3 – Principles of a happy relationship

Gottman has a number of principles he believes create the foundation for a happy relationship however they all revolve around one thing – friendship.

How to Have a Successful Relationship: Part 2 – Behaviours that predict the end of a relationship

Dr. John Gottman is known for his ability to predict with relative accuracy whether a couple are destined to separate or stay together. He believes it’s not the amount of arguments a couple have, or the subject of the arguments, it’s the way they argue that is the indicator.

Stages of development – what to expect from your child at different ages

It’s important when encouraging a child to thrive that we only impose age appropriate expectations on them, expecting too much or too little of the child may hinder their development. Generally speaking, there are several stages of development that most children go through around the same age, and understanding a child’s capabilities at each stage helps to set reasonable expectations and guide appropriate reactions to their behaviours.

Common unhelpful thinking traps parents fall into

We are hearing a lot about the dangers of helicopter parenting these days, but society is structured in such a way that it can be hard to avoid, even when we are trying to. This article highlights some of the common thoughts that result in an overprotective parenting style so that we can challenge these thoughts and remain effective parents, as opposed to society perceived ‘perfect’ ones.