The Innovation of Loneliness

This YouTube video is based on the book by Sherry Turkle – Alone. It illustrates quite succinctly how we are coming to confuse connection with communication and how that is contributing to a growing epidemic of loneliness.

I’m asking you to spread awareness of this growing problem and to join me in countering it by working to foster real relationships in your own life, with real and vulnerable communication, and offer support to those around us that are trying to keep it real too. We are all human and imperfect, and unlike in our virtual lives there is no delete button, so let’s be accepting and forgiving of our own and others imperfections instead.

The more acceptance we offer to others the more we will get in return and the richer our own lives can become.

Feel free to add a comment here to show how you are fostering real relationships in your life, or even to reach out if you yourself need a little support. Opening ourselves to others is difficult and leaves us vulnerable, which is why this is a growing problem in the first place. Be brave!


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